IceTech KG6

The Icetech by Coldjet Iceblast KG6 Machine is still available and will soon be discontinued and the new Icetech Evolution Line Machines will be offered in two sizes – Elite 20 and Xtreme 40.

The Icetech by Coldjet Iceblast KG6 is suitable for companies that have a limited number of short dry ice blasting cleaning tasks. The machine is unique due to its size and operation principles. Its compact size allows easy use in production areas. The Icetech by Coldjet Iceblast KG6 has adjustable pellet dosage, and various pressures can be selected depending on the coating to be removed. The machine is highly effective due to the IceTech patented self-adjustment system that requires a minimum of maintenance. Iceblast KG6 Features:

  • Made of a stainless steel
  • Digital control display
  • User friendly control panel
  • Adjustable pellet dosage
  • Self-adjusting dispensing system

Download (PDF) IceBlast KG6 Specification Sheet