Dry IceTech supplies a quality range of hydraulic Pelletisers with capacities for Ice production of 55kg up to 350,750 and even 1500 kg/hr

We are currently developing a hydraulic machine to produce 150 kg/hr and details of this will be added later

Icetech pelletisers produce high density pellets from the first stroke, saving up to 90% of the liquid CO2 “start-up usage” as opposed to other machines which can take over fifteen minutes to begin producing product

There are three different sizes of extruder plates available (3, 10 + 16mm) to optimise pellet length and quality and plates can be changed automatically, saving downtime and loss of valuable CO2

If your Company is a constant user of Dry Ice pellets, talk to Dry IceTech today and check out prices and leasing arrangements