A simple, robust machine for light and delicate cleaning

Manufactured in Denmark to a very high standard, ensuring reliability and longevity, these powerful machines are simple to use and are effective with air pressures from 1 to 10 bars

Features and advantages

BL SNOW is a snow blasting machine using LCO2 instead of dry ice pellets. This technology is mainly for easy and delicate cleaning like light oil / grease as well as cleaning electrical installations. Snow blasting is also perfect for degreasing surfaces before painting hence eliminating the use of solvents/chemcals. The BL Snow can easy be transformed to work as online system or robotic system.

  • Single hose – light and easy to use
  • Compact and low weight
  • Large, insulated hopper – less refills per day
  • Adjustable blast pressure from 1-10 bar
  • Variable liquid CO2 feed rate
  • Safety Switch
  • Easy accessible interior for service and maintenance
  • Lightweight blast gun with safety system – Option with lighting gun (LED)

Technical Data:

  • Dimension (L*W*H mm): 710*520*970
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Liquid CO2 consumption: 0.25-1.5kg/min
  • Liquid CO2 Operating Pressure: 50-70 bar
  • Air hose connection: 3/4” claw



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