BL60 Air 1” Dry Ice Blaster / Independent of Electrical Supply!

This machine has the same great features as its stablemate, the BL60, but runs on air only the advantage being that there are no electrical cables on the floor to create a trip hazard.

In addition these machines can be safely used underground in mines and tunnels, with no risk of sparks creating a fire hazard.

The BL60 Air can also be fitted the optional Cryoadd unit which is designed to introduce other blast media to the dry ice function. This enables the easier removal of paint and rust etc. Click here to check it our now!

This is a truly Innovative machine!

Features and advantages

Powerful and reliable for the specialist contractor. Affordable for factories who only need occasional, but efficient and immediate cleaning. The BL60 is build on an extremely solid frame, suitable for hard working environments.

  • Single hose – light and easy to use
  • Compact and low weight
  • Large, insulated hopper – less refills per day
  • Adjustable blast pressure from 1-14 bar
  • Variable dry ice feed rate
  • Operates with 1.7 up to 3.0 mm pellets (Micro pellets and “traditional” pellets)
  • Easy accessible interior for service and maintenance
  • Lightweight blast gun with safety system
  • A wide range of nozzles to suit every application From high intensity point cleaning through to “stripping”

Technical Data:

  • Dimension (L*W*H mm): 700*530*1100
  • Weight: 88kg
  • Hopper capacity: 23 kg
  • Dry Ice consumption: 30-80 kg/h Higher feed rates with alternative dosing discs
  • Air hose connection: 1” claw
  • Power consumption: 750W
  • Air pressure: min. 2 bar max. 14 bar



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