Dry Ice is normally produced by bringing liquid CO2 up to atmospheric pressure. When this happens approximately half of the liquid CO2 turns into solid ‘snow’, which is typically compressed to ice, and the other half (called ‘revert’ gas) is simply vented to the atmosphere. But, by using revolutionary Aquila Triventek Recovery Units, all of the revert gas is collected, chilled and compressed to liquid CO2 and sent back to the Pelletizer.

With the addition of this unit, revert gas can be captured and recycled, practically halving the cost of the Dry Ice pellets.

Technical Data:

  • Power Supply: 3×400/50Hz (Other voltages/Hz on request)
  • Power consumption: 24 kW
  • Max. current: 41 Amps
  • Operation current: 28 Amps (Required start-up Amps should be calculated as 5 to 6 times Amp usage.)
  • Power connection: 63A/3P+E
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1320x1960x1570 mm
  • Weight: 1070 kg
  • Max ambient temperature: 40°C
  • Max. hose length between PE80 and RE80: 6m
  • Airflow: Approximately 8500m3/h
  • Total heat rejection: 18 kW
  • Protection against recycling discharge air required
  • Protection against direct sun, rain and snow
  • Protection against dust, dirt and impurities
  • LCO2 to dry ice conversion with recovery unit: 1.2:1 (use insulated cover on dry ice box)
  • Oil type: Castrol Cygnus PAO 68

Cooling System:

  • Bitzer LH104/4TCS8.2Y
  • Refrigerant type R404A
  • Refrigerant charge approx. 9.9 kg
  • High and low pressure protection
  • Fanspeed control (1 fan)
  • Refrigerant safety valve



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