Conventional dry ice blasting is a very effective way of cleaning a great veriety of surfaces. Since it is non-abrasive, this method may however, encounter certain limits. For cases of heavy-duty cleaning where particular challenges have to be met, Aquila Triventek has developed the CryoAdd which makes it possible to mix dry ice pellets with additives.

Aquila Triventek recommends adding CryoAdd to standard CO2-blasting in these cases where conventional dry ice blasting is not enough. The CryoAdd provides maximum cleaning power while still being gentle to the underlying surfaces.

Manufactured in Denmark to a very high standard, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Outstanding Advantages

  • Strong: Adding CryoAdd reinforces the power of dry ice cleaning wherever this is needed.
  • Effective: even oxides on metal surfaces like steel or aluminum can be easily removed.
  • Hassle-free: CryoAdd reduces the effort during subsequent cleaning up.
  • Safe: different additives are available; ranging from maximum cleaning power to even food-grade cleaning jobs.



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